Facebook Change Url New 2019

Many people created a Facebook account about a years earlier when it appeared onto the social networks scene - Facebook Change Url.

For me, that was my fresher year of high school. Against my parents' desires, I had gotten on Myspace for concerning a year or two (Mom and Dad if you're reading this-- sorry). When Facebook started testing Myspace as the social media network to be on, I didn't want to lose out on the action.

So I swiftly created an account while my parents were asleep one night.

As you can visualize, freshman-year Holly was not my best self. Premature, insecure, and also a little unusual, I created a username that was fantastic for me at the time. Not so great currently as a young specialist.

Facebook Change Url<br/>

Facebook Change Url

If you resemble me as well as developed a Facebook at a relatively young age, you're possibly in the very same boat. Never be afraid, your Facebook username can be altered.

How do I change my Facebook URL?

You can customize the internet address for your account by selecting a username. Before upgrading your username, we motivate you to find out about our username standards.

To change your username/Facebook URL:

1. Visit to Facebook

2. Click on top right of any kind of Facebook web page and choose Settings.

3. Click Username.

Change Facebook Url

4. Enter your new username and also your password, then click Save Changes.
Usernames should consist of alphanumeric personalities (a-- z, 0-- 9) or durations (".").

5. Check Facebook URL.
To check that your changes have saved, navigate to your Facebook profile. You can do this by clicking your name situated in the top right edge.

As soon as on your account, consider the URL. It must be your brand-new one!

Page admins can likewise change the customer name for Pages they sustain.

Enjoy your new Facebook username

Currently you no more need to live under whatever tag your high-school-self created. Your username and URL mirror you as the individual you are now!

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