Delete All Messages On Facebook Update 2019

Delete All Messages On Facebook - This is becoming such a difficult job for most people. Facebook has been around for years and also conversations maintain accumulating in the inbox. It's even worse for mobile phone individuals that do not trade in their gadgets for new ones annually.

How can you start cleaning up your inbox?-- By adhering to the steps in this short article.

Delete All Messages On Facebook<br/>

Delete All Messages On Facebook


1. Open facebook messenger
2. Find a message to erase
3. Touch as well as hold on the message to open up the context menu
4. Tap delete


1. Open the facebook messenger app
2. Tap and hold on the conversation that you no longer desire
3. When the menu appears, choose delete
4. Validate the choice by tapping delete conversation

As you can see, smart device versions of Facebook messenger deal with a major flaw. You can't make numerous selections.

Can you remove multiple messages at the same time whatsoever?-- Fortunately indeed, simply not on a smartphone or tablet computer. In order to get rid of all messages as well as conversations, you have to utilize the internet browser variation of Facebook messenger.


1. Log Into Your Facebook Account
2. Click See All in messenger
3. Click the Options Wheel Next to a Conversation
4. Click Delete if You Intend To Eliminate All the Messages
5. Click Archive if You Wish To Save Them

Yet what can you do regarding several messages and several conversations?-- For this, you need to mount a third-party web browser extension.


Log right into your Facebook account on your web browser after installing the expansion. Click on the Extension symbol on the expansion bar. It should have a Facebook messenger logo and a red X on top.

Afterwards, it's as easy as complying with the on-screen instructions. Click the Open Your Messages switch when it appears. Click the new button, Begin Deletion, once it appears. Select OK to confirm your activity

This should automatically care for all the messages in your inbox. If it does not, in some cases it helps if you refresh the web page and repeat the procedure. If you have way too many discussions, it might not eliminate them done in one go.

Nevertheless, remember that if you do this you will not be able to make use of the recovery device. The only feasible to get away with this is if you make use of Facebook messenger primarily on your Android gadget.


This extension functions best if you first scroll down to the really lower of the message list. As soon as you fill the extension, it will certainly recognize all the messages as being chosen for elimination. You can likewise after that pick private messages that you might want to save.

Both expansions enable you to pick numerous messages from various discussions and also remove them at one time. Nonetheless, you still have to choose the ones that you intend to delete. There isn't a switch or feature that develops a computerized selection of all messages.


As enormous as Facebook is, the interface and also the degree of customization throughout all platforms still have a long way to go.

Luckily, when the large children fail, third-party expansions come to the rescue.

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