How to Deactivate Your Facebook Page New 2019

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Page: At Plann we are everything about making social media very easy, and with the large rate of interest in switching to an Instagram service account, numerous peeps are establishing Facebook company web pages that they don't in fact intend to use.

Arrghh! It's a bit of a kerfuffle, isn't it ?!

You need to have a Facebook service page linked to an Instagram company profile in order to make use of Instagram scheduling applications as of December 2018, so it's a no brainer to make the switch.

But, what can you finish with the Facebook business page if you do not really want to develop unique content for it? Well, have no concern since Plann is right here to save the day.

Continue reviewing to learn exactly how you can unpublish your Facebook page without losing your Instagram organisation account.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Page<br/>

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Page


If you have established your Instagram service account through the Instagram app, you have actually probably created a new Facebook business page while doing so that looks something similar to this when you log into Facebook on your desktop.

It'll be bare, with no cover image and a strange placeholder profile picture to boot. Noice.

Due to the fact that you do not want to use this Facebook business page (even more social media sites web content to produce!) you can start the unpublishing procedure by going to the settings tab in the leading right-hand edge.

PSSST -> It is beside the 'help' button.


After clicking on the 'Settings' tab you'll be required to a web page that resembles this - a whole jumble of words. Yahoo!

I know it looks a bit challenging from here, however do not worry - the setup we are wanting to transform is at the really tippity top of this list.


Woohoo! You found it - the page exposure setup.

From here you can move onto the next action (the big part!!) as well as pick 'page unpublished' as your alternative.


Here's a little insight right into what page Visibility is all about on Facebook.

Primarily, by unpublishing your page you will be the only person that will certainly be able to see the page.

This indicates that not only are you conserving your precious organisation name in Facebook page type so no-one else can take it, you will certainly additionally not have the stress of needing to release content to this page till you decide you are ready for it.

How flipp 'n fantastic is that?


As soon as you've conserved the changes you are ready to go!

Your page is unpublished but, you must still have an Instagram organisation profile that is definitely perfect for usage with any Instagram scheduling and also technique tool.

PSSST -> We have a quite great one that I think you'll like a lot!

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