How to Remove A Page From Facebook Update 2019

How To Remove A Page From Facebook: Whether your Facebook page is meant for business, fans, or personal projects, in some cases it's time to bid farewell and struck the remove switch. I'll show you those detailed directions with visuals to lead you in a moment.

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

How To Remove A Page From Facebook

Initially let's ensure we get on the exact same page - no word play here meant! Before you delete your Facebook page, allow's take a peek at the distinction in between a Facebook page and also an account, and also if deletion is the most effective choice for you.

Removing a Facebook page vs. a Facebook account

A Facebook page is various from your Facebook account, additionally referred to as your Facebook account.

Your Facebook profile page is your personal account. This is where you see your information feed, containing photos of loved ones, and also develop blog posts about your life and also feelings. Your account is everything about you, and also connecting with loved ones.

Facebook pages are created for advertising objectives: Businesses, teams, as well as individuals can promote themselves as well as interact with clients or fans.

There are two kinds of Facebook pages you may intend to delete.

The very first is a Facebook business page, as well as the 2nd is for communities and somebodies.

These area and public figure pages can be made use of for teams and clubs, or, when made use of for celebs, they are called "Facebook follower pages."

Whichever kind of page you are checking out, you can make use of these directions to delete your page on Facebook.

Since you're clear on the distinction in between a web page and also a profile Before you obtain too much in the process, consider if erasing your page is the ideal thing to do.

Is erasing your Facebook page the ideal selection?

Some individuals wish to delete a web page if it's out of date or unreliable. You might likewise delete a Facebook follower page for an old event, job, or effort that is no more pertinent. For example, in this tutorial, I'll be showing how to erase a Facebook page created for a theatre production from 2 years ago. Permanent deletion may not be right for your Facebook page because:

-You have comparable or replicate pages
-You do not have time to handle and also routinely post on your page

If either of these is the case for you, review the section below of merging and also unpublishing pages before you experience the removal process.

How to delete a Facebook page by means of desktop

Once you're you have actually decided and also you prepare to erase your Facebook page, adhere to these actions. If you're erasing your page on mobile, jump ahead to the following section.

1. Sign in to Facebook
Begin by opening Facebook as well as signing into your account.

2. Go to your Facebook pages
In the menu that appears on the left side of the display, select "Pages" located under "Explore".

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

3. Select the Facebook page you intend to delete.
On the next screen that appears, you will see every one of your Facebook pages. (The ones envisioned right here have not been made use of for quite time, making them perfect for this tutorial.).

Click on the page name you wish to remove. Below, we are deleting the page for a play which hasn't been competing over two years.

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

4. Click on settings.
You will currently see your Facebook page. In the upper-right corner, choose "settings".

5. Click "Edit" in the row that claims "Remove page".
You'll now find yourself with a list of various Facebook settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the really last row, you'll find the alternative "Delete your page." Click the word "Edit" because row.

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

6. Delete your Facebook page.
A notice will appear, allowing you recognize that you have 2 week to bring back the page if you transform your mind.

To go on as well as erase your page, click "Delete ." You'll find the words in blue; in my instance shown right here, I'm clicking words "Delete Loose Knit at Public House Theatre.".

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

7. Click "Delete page".
After you click that "delete" switch, one more pop-up will show up, asking if you make sure you wish to remove the page.

To make it main, go ahead click that big blue "Delete page" button.

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

In the screenshot simply imagined, you'll likewise see the option to tick a box as well as "Unpublish this page." We'll review this option extra in the upcoming section "Before you hit delete.".

When you have actually formally removed your page, a pop-up window will certainly verify the page has actually been erased. Click OK.

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

Prior to you delete: Download your Facebook page data

Even if you erase your Facebook page, you can still conserve your data. As well as actually, why wouldn't you want to do so? Marketing choices are all based on recognizing your target market; you never recognize when those insights could aid you later on.

To download your Facebook page data, Most likely to your Facebook page, after that select settings. Under the General section, you'll find an alternative that claims "Download page." Here you can see just how it views a desktop computer:

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

Click "Edit," after that, on the section that shows up, click "Download page.".

How To Remove A Page From Facebook<br/>

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