How to Combine Two Facebook Accounts New 2019

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts: Ever so often people ask us how they can merge 2 or even more Facebook accounts. Now don't obtain your hopes up! The truth is, it is not feasible to automatically combine Facebook accounts. However, there are workarounds.

While Facebook does not offer a way to auto-merge all your friends, images, status updates, check-ins or other information, you can by hand merge parts of your accounts. All it takes is a little preparation as well as persistence. However, you will not be able to migrate or re-create all of your information.

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts

If you want to remove your account but are having trouble logging in, attempt these pointers.

Given that it violates our Community Specifications to maintain more than one personal account, we do not have a way to merge multiple accounts. Nonetheless, you can manually change to one account as well as keep the information that is very important to you.

Before you close any of your accounts:

- Download the information you have actually contributed to the account that you do not wish to keep

As a very first step I recommend to mass download your Facebook information, a procedure I have explained formerly. This treatment can take a while and the archive will certainly work as a very little back-up, should you determine to shut off or remove your account. It won't be of fantastic help in recovering any kind of information, however.

Briefly, go to your General Account Settings as well as click Download a copy of your Facebook data near the bottom.

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

This will lead you to a page where you can download your information and obtain a copy of what you have actually shared on Facebook.

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

Now do start your archive on this very first web page. Additionally discover where it says You can also download an expanded archive… and click the corresponding link. This will assist you to the Expanded Archive Download page where you will certainly be asked to re-enter your password.

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

Now below is where you will need persistence. Relying on how large your primary as well as your broadened archive are as well as the amount of other archives remain in the line, this can take a while. And with that I imply a couple of hours.

Keep in mind that you should Download both archives, to obtain a full back-up of your account!

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

Once your archive is offered for download, this is what the page will appear like.

How To Combine Two Facebook Accounts<br/>

Although your very own pictures are intended to be consisted of in the archive, you must download your Facebook Photos separately. Not only is this treatment another backup, it is additionally a great deal faster and also could offer you with more options.

- If you take care of any Pages or Groups, include the account you're keeping as an admin to that Page or Team.

Once you have actually moved all your information right into a single account, you can then delete any kind of replicate accounts.

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